We pay the most for gold in Finland.

Compare the purchase prices offered by gold buyers and let us know if you find a company that offers you a better price than we do.

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1. Order sales package

Fill out and submit the order form above. You will receive the package, which includes everything for safe gold sales, within a few days.

2. Send the gold

Fill out the sales contract, put your gold item in the tamper-safe security bag and send us your gold items from your nearest post office or post office agent. We have paid and insured the shipment up to € 5000.

3. Valuation and offer

Our gold experts calculate the value of the gold items when the shipment arrives. After the valuation, we will call and make a bid based on the purchase price of the day. At this point, you can decide whether to accept the offer or get your items back.

4. Gold payment

After accepting the purchase offer, we will make a payment to your bank account and you will receive a sales receipt. Your payment will be paid to your account within 1-3 business days, depending on the bank you use.

Current gold price

We are paying the highest gold price in Finland. Let us know if you find a company in Finland that offers you a better price for scrap gold in writing than we do. Our gold purchase prices are real and no deductions are made.

Gold price calculator and daily purchase prices

The minimum that we pay for gold today 16-06-2024 . For larger amounts, we can pay an even better price.

Carat Purchase price Weight Price estimate
24 K 60.82 €/g g 0.00
23 K 51.27 €/g g 0.00
22 K 49.02 €/g g 0.00
21 K 46.83 €/g g 0.00
20 K 44.69 €/g g 0.00
18 K 40.14 €/g g 0.00
14 K 31.31 €/g g 0.00
10 K 22.32 €/g g 0.00
9 K 20.07 €/g g 0.00
8 K 17.82 €/g g 0.00
Total price estimate 0.00

The price calculator allows you to estimate in advance how much you will be guaranteed when you sell at least 10g 14k gold to us. However, our bid may be higher if you send a larger batch of gold or if the items have a design value. We always give you a personal quote when we have evaluated the value of the gold items you have sent.

Gold price comparison

The price chart shows how much gold buyers declare to pay for 10g of 14K gold (the most common gold in Finland). Fill in the weights of your gold items in the price calculator to see a price comparison with them.

By comparing the purchase prices of gold buyers, you get the best price for gold. Our gold price calculator data is based on the purchase prices on the gold buying companies website.

Due to rapid changes in the world price of gold, the purchase prices of gold buyers may fluctuate even hourly and we are not responsible for any price errors. Check the Gold Buying Company's website for the latest gold purchase price and terms and conditions.

Customer testamonials

Päivi, Tampere

"I sold my mother's golden heirloom jewelry to Jalometallikeskus. They paid exactly what they promised! The money I received was sufficient for a dream trip for our entire family. Greetings from the Maldives!"

Antti, Rovaniemi

"I trusted Jalometallikeskus when I was selling gold and silver because they told me in advance how much they would pay. A number of other companies in the same industry are trying to lure in customers showing prices that they are not paying, luckily I always read the terms and conditions. Thank you for an honest service."

Natalia, Helsinki

"It was an easy and safe experience to sell gold to Jalometallikeskus. Their purchase price for the site was very close to what I received and they made an offer by phone which I accepted. Special thanks to the nice goldexpert for tips on what to do with my design jewelry :)"

Why choose Jalometallikeskus?

All precious metal scrap we buy goes for recycling where it is smelted, refined and reused as a raw material.

  • We pay the highest price for gold in Finland, guaranteed.
  • Secure Sales with Free and Post-insured Sales Package.
  • We always make an offer to our customers before the sale.
  • We have no hidden charges or deductions.
  • We buy gold according to the purchase price shown on our website.
  • We will send you a sales receipt specifying the sale.
Suomen vahvimmat

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Finnish company and have been in the business for many years. We want to provide those who are considering selling precious metals with a safe and reliable sales channel.

Our customer survey shows that our service gives you a very good price when compared to other players in the industry. You can estimate in advance the value of your gold items using our price estimator.

We display the actual purchase prices on our web site and do not deduct or deduct any evaluation costs as we believie in an honest service with satisfied customers.

Jalometallikeskus Sales Package is safe to send. All shipments are postal insured up to € 5,000 and this amount can be increased if required.

We will evaluate and calculate the value of the items on the same day we received them.

Unfortunately, we do not pay for gemstones. You may wish to remove the gemstones from your jewelry before sending them to us for evaluation.

If your sales package contains non-gold items and jewels we will inform you of this and offer to send these back to you.

We only buy silver together with gold. You can ship silver items for sale in the same security bag as gold.

The price we offer is based on the price list on our website. If for any reason you do not want to sell enough please tell our customer service and we will send the items back to you.

We do not have our own point of purchase but our partner's point of purchase is located in Helsinki. You can book an evaluation time there through our customer service.

Our subsidiary Svensk Ädelmetall AB serves our customers living in Sweden. Selling gold and silver through the mail is an easy and safe way for customers to sell extra, broken or otherwise unnecessary valuables for cash. Läs mer på WebbGuld.se

Customer service

Questions about selling gold? We're here to help.

Phone 020 730 7930 (8,35 snt/call + 16,69 snt/min)
Email asiakaspalvelu@jalometallikeskus.fi
Our customer service is open Mon-Fri 10-16
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